The skills needed to write programs and understand coding logic are essential to a child's education. To this end, coding programs for children should be accessible, language agnostic and should meaningfully teach students the fundamentals of coding.

Coding with Sophie aims to achieve these goals with the addition of physics related problems. Our curriculum is designed to complement the UK National guidelines for ages 7-11 years old (but children of any age may access our program). We offer new coders an introduction to the basics and more challenging problems for students that have coded before.

Our program acknowledges funding through Rebecca Nealon's Stephen Hawking Fellowship and Farzana Meru's Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship.


Many thanks to our devoted, dedicated team of testers. They found all manner of bugs and gave fantastic advice that improved the lessons:

  • Josie
  • Laurence
  • Marcus
  • Amy
  • Amena
  • Sahl
  • Safiyeh
  • Teresa