From March 2023 until March 2025 we will be conducting a study on the users of Coding with Sophie. Participation is completely optional. This page shows information that applies to this upcoming study only.

Alongside Coding with Sophie, we are conducting a research study called “Coding with Sophie - Impact Study”. We are seeking to measure the effectiveness of our outreach program and to assess whether we should extend the program to other schools or ages.
To do so we need to seek consent to collect data on the children that are taking part in Coding with Sophie.
The research is led by Rebecca Nealon, Farzana Meru and Ally Caldecote. The research is funded by a UKRI/EPSRC Stephen Hawking Fellowship, the Royal Society and the University of Warwick.
Participation is completely voluntary. Participants can withdraw at any time without giving a reason simply by closing their browser.
No identifiable data will be used as part of this study. Participants will be assigned a unique user ID that is associated with their data. This user ID must be provided if a participant wishes to have their data removed. Data can be withdrawn any time before March 2025.
Data will be securely stored on University of Warwick computers and will be processed only for the purpose of scientific analysis. Access to the data will be restricted to Rebecca Nealon. Summaries may be presented at conferences and included in scientific publications. Data will be reviewed on completion of the research, in line with the University of Warwick data retention policy. If this research is published, we will make it freely available on the website. The data may be used in future studies, subject to further Ethics Approval.